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Ski/Snowboard Injury Prevention Page 5

Skier Injury Prevention Tips

  • Keep your balance at all times
  • Ski in control
  • Donít place all your weight on inside unless your Alberto Tombo
  • Face the fall line with your upper body
  • Keep your upper body "quiet"

Snowboarder Injury Prevention Tips

  • Ride the mountain "in control"
  • Get wrist guards and a helmet
  • Avoid "big air" tricks if you lack landing skills

Falling Techniques for the Vertical Challenged

  • Donít jump unless you know how to land
  • Donít straighten your knees when you fall, keep them flexed
  • Donít try to get up until you have stopped sliding
  • When your down, stay down and wait for help
  • Not all accidents are avoidable
  • Be smart and careful



Allan Mishra, MD