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The Total Tendon Network is group of both Patients and Providers dedicated to better diagnosing and treating tendon related injuries and disorders.

The Total Tendon Network already has members from North America, Europe, South America, Europe and Asia.  Discussions, photos and videos are presented by patients, physical therapists, surgeons, and many other types of providers.  The goal of the group is simple:  help each other find the best ways to diagnosis and treat tendon problems

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an evolving tendon treatment.  It is made from a  portion of your blood that contains concentrated growth factors.  These growth factors have been shown to enhance proliferation of a variety of cell types.   Please visit our Research Blog for the most up to date information and to view a video of PRP Basic Science.


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To submit a question about Platelet Rich Plasma or to post information to be included on this site, please send an email to or post a comment via the Blog

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